Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Dorothy Perkins Profile.

"Accessible, aspirational and affordable. At Dorothy Perkins we deliver High Street fashion that is guaranteed to be feminine, sexy, wearable and confident. With over 570 stores nationwide, you'll find us on nearly every High Street. Alternatively you can shop from the comfort of your own home at And because everyone's different we design for everyone - for women aged 20-50, offering sizes 8-22, tall, petite and maternity ranges. So you'll always find something to wear whatever the need or occasion!"

Fashion Focus The new spring collection is here with an African influence! Jeans and combats are worn with kaftans, ethnic tops and embroidered halter neck tops! Gorgeous!"

Burton and Dorothy Perkins are two of the most established and prominent fashion retailers in the UK and with over 920 branches have a major presence on the high street. In addition to this is our ability to reach an even wider audience through online shopping, making us a dominant force in the UK's fashion retail industry.Individuals joining our teams in either Retail or Head Office will benefit from the many career opportunities that come with being a part of the Arcadia Group, which is one of the UK's largest retailers. With a clear business focus and impressive performances to date, the Arcadia Group is set to continue to develop and become the leading player on the high street.

The Arcadia Group is the UK's second largest retailer and the name behind some of the leading high street brands - Burton, Dorothy Perkins, Outfit, Evans, Miss Selfridge, Top Shop, Top Man and Wallis. Operating with over 2,000 stores nationwide, Arcadia employs over 24,000 people and has a leading Internet presence and growing international portfolio.

When customers buy our goods, we want them to be confident that they have been produced under acceptable conditions. That means the goods must have been produced:

  • lawfully, through fair and honest dealing;

  • without exploiting the people who made them;

  • in decent working conditions; and

  • without damaging the environment.

The Arcadia Group Code of Conduct applies to the manufacturer, or any other person involved in supplying goods to our companies. The code is designed to be fair, achievable and easy to check, and to promote the ongoing development of our suppliers.
The code is based on the International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions and recommendations, and applies to all brands underneath the Arcadia Group umbrella.

Click here to download the Arcadia Group Responsibility Report 2009.
Click here to download the Arcadia Group Code Of Conduct.
Click here to see our ethical policy FAQs.
Click here to read our Code of Conduct Guidebook.

Thanks to the Dorothy Perkins Recruitement website for all the info

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