Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Heterotopia Part2

From now until the 19th of April I will be showing work at Anglia Ruskin University as part of a third year Fine Art show entitled "Heterotopia- Part Two". The first part of this show was in Feburary, for which I helped with marketing as well as co-ordinating our class. 

"Heterotopia (Part 1 and 2) are shows that concern themselves with the word first elaborated by philosopher Michel Foucault. We will specifically be looking at the word in the context of space and otherness, a state found mixed between reality and fantasy, love and fear, physicality and ephemera. In a society desperately concerned with the materiality of objects and consumerism, this show will explore the concept of the in between."

The work shown in Heterotopia- Part Two follows the work shown in Simpatico, here is a photo of it in the show. The text reads:

Nadja- presence of mind (25.5cmx32cm)
Multi-media collage
Glass aids us in many ways but also hinders our perception of reality, the same way that language forms a barrier between the authors intentions and the translators understanding of the author. Intentions and content all suffer degrees of change through this. The space between where our vision begins and where the perceived image lies, a heretoropia is created- a space in between reality and fiction; a meeting of two minds. A place where all our expectations and anticipation lies before the intended imagery, never truly understood by a mind other than its creator. A space where an image’s purpose lies unaffected and untouched.  

Grace (25.5cmx32cm)
Multi-media collage
Movement and fluency can never truly be captured through photography, although its intentions can be translated through repetition of movement. The same can be achieved with objects of opaque qualities transferred. Glass, despite its clarity can be deceiving and can often lead us astray in the same way as movement and repetition can. This piece aims to highlight the space between reality and the projected image as a heterotopia.

Nadja Interpreted (25.5cmx32cm)
Multi-media collage
A vision exploring the role of translation and interpretation in imagery and text and the heterotopia created between our expectations and the reality.

For more information on the show, you can visit the blog I created here, the Facebook event as well as the Anglia Ruskin University website. Its on until the 19th of April so come have a look and see what you think! 

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Simpatico pt2

Here are a few photos from the previous show I was involved with, Simpatico.

From left to right: my work (top 'Nadya- Presence of Mind', bottom: 'Nadya- Interpreted'), an article in the Cambridge News about us as well as a photo of the show by Mark Bush.

Thanks again to Changing Spaces, without whom this show could not have been possible!

Friday, 8 March 2013


I have updated the list of shows I am currently involved with as well as upcoming shows in the near future, make sure to check out my shows page! I have also updated my CV- check them both out!

Here is the poster for the show I am currently showing work in, its open until Sunday at 1pm so come and see us! Here is the FB event, as well as some photos from the show.