Tuesday, 5 April 2011

"what we fear..."

"Mistaken" film for exhibition

Exhibition Prep! Pt. 2.

Exhibition Prep!

Here is a belated post about our end of year exhibition.

Basically our tutor, Rob, managed to get us a slot at The Shop the week of the 28th March till the 3rd of April. Our main task was to set up, organize, design, distribute, and curate an exhibition ourselves! We are a class of twentyfour students so we were all appointed different roles within the exhibition, this was all organized by ourselves.

Myself and Kirsty appointed ourself "designers" for the show. This meant we were in charge of the posters, flyers, advertising, distribution etc. I didn't think this would be such a big task at first as I had done posters for events before. However before I knew it I had to download Photoshop and re-do my posters to incorporate the bloody logos!

Before all that, we agreed on the name "twentyfour" for our show, as there were twentyfour of us in our group. Me and kirsty then got together to agree on a design. We settled for cardboard as it had a nice raw quality to it that we felt reflected everybody's work. Here are the final products.