Sunday, 7 August 2011

Trend Report: Dip-Dyed Hair

This is one of my favourite trends at the moment! Unfortunately it's not 
much good for me as I have short hair and unlike Rhianna
it's not sticking up on its ends so I will have to wait a while until
I can actually do this... But I still think it looks amazing. 
It can be bright and wacky or more subtle like
Alexa Chung :)

Style Icon: Anna Piaggi

Anna Piaggi is an Italian Fashion writer and style icon. SHe has worked for the Italian Vogue and in the late 80's the avant-garde magazine Vanity.
I have only just discovered this amazing lady and I am suprised I have lived this long without picking up on her! Her style is simply breathtaking, she is daring, kooky and eccentric. Her friend, design Karl Lagerfeld said : "She dresses the way one plays a role. She's a great perfomer, but she is also the author of the play" (quote from The NY Times)

Here are some fashion items inspired by the great lady Piaggi herself!

Chris Ofili

Today I purchased a framed copy of Chris Ofili's No Woman No Cry from Cancer Research UK (for only £4!). I have been wanting this print for a few weeks to add to my bedroom. Chris Ofili is one of my favourite collage artists, I find his work so visually and mentally stimulating I can never take my eyes off it. I have never been lucky enough to see his work in the flesh but the scale of it in real life makes it all the more inspiring and daring.

One thing I really enjoy about this piece is its colourful and traditional pattern reflecting African culture. This is also present in the way the actual piece of work is presented, it is not hung but held up by two piles of elephant dung. Both of these carry a strong and powerful message, throughout time and tradition sadness and grief have always held a part of our lives regardless of our cultures and backgrounds. The feelings that Stephen Lawrence's family went through are universal, I feel Chris Ofili captures this beautifully by collecting elements that together capture the tragedy of the event.

"This piece of work (No Woman No Cry) is a tribute to the London teenager Stephen Lawrence. The Metropolitan police investigation into his racially motivated murder was mishandled, and subsequent inquiry described the police form as institutionally racist.

In each of the tears shed by the woman of the painting is a collaged image of Stephen Lawrence's face (right), while the words 'R.I.P. Stephen Lawrence' are just discernible beneath the layers of paint. Despite these specific references, the artist also intended the painting to be read in more general terms, as a universal portrayal of melancholy and grief." (Tate)

More on Chris Ofili on wikipedia here :)

Saturday, 6 August 2011



  So today's been a very lazy day, I have been on the couch for a few hours now and have been in and out of magazine for inspiration and I came across this great image of Cher Lloyd wearing an amazing techno-aztez necklace from Lazy Oaf.
I hadn't heard of this label before so decided to look it up and it's just fantastic! A real eclectic mix of bright graphics and funky illustrations with classic cuts. A win win!!!
Here are a few of my own highlights from the website, enjoy!

For more information visit the website!

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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

I want to Walk You Home

Very Hot day!

So today I decided to finally wear this Tiki dress I bought at a vintage market stall in Cambridge, it cost me way too much but i fell in love with it instantly!
it is a bit on the tight side boobwise but its worth the squash!

Ive always been too timid to wear it out, but everyone at work loved it! On the left is a picture of the dress with a different neckline, the one I have is a halter neck.

I got the photo from the Collectif website which is full of beautiful things!On the right is a photo of me and the dress :) It was so hot I had to put all my hair back! Not bald!