Thursday, 28 February 2013

February Update

Hi everyone!

UPCOMING SHOW! I am helping organise a show held at Sixonesix Gallery on King Street in Cambridge, as well as showing some of my work. This show will bring together students from the Cambridge School of Art Fine Art degree from 2nd and 3rd years. This promises to be a really exciting show so make sure you come see us! Click here for the Facebook event!

So this month I've ben busy working on my final project for my degree course- stressful to say the last! I have been exploring themes of female sexuality in identity in Photography. I started this project looking at Belle de Jour by Luis Bunuel and Catherine Deneuve's character and the way she dealt with her sexual desires and fantasies.

I am interested in expressing repressed sexual emotions through the medium of Photography avoiding highly sexual imagery and instead using the power of the female gaze.  I have been using black and white photography to relate to the work of Man Ray and surrealist photography. I am especially interested in expressing a kind of sexual freedom, away from the usual sense of taboo and repressed female sexuality in the media and today's society. These photographs explore female identity and sexuality in a direct way, facing issues directly.