Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Video Installation

I think this video is a perfect example of the kind of work I wa.t to produce, I might have to make the "peeling" video black and white to make it more effective. The idea of projecting film on another subject really excites me as it creates a multi-layered dream-like reality.

In this film, which I looked at last term to create one of my other films ("What is That"), a german poem is being read which I first heard of when watching Wings of Desire (1988). The poem itself is beautifully written, but it is the composition of this video which really effects me.

Aswell as the exciting visuals the audio is spine tingling due to its intimate nature. It feels like someone is nearly whispering it to you, this adds to the element of closeness and dream-world.

I havn't yet thought of the audio tracking for my project but will deal with it once I have produced the footage. I would ideally like something very contrasting. Maybe something very loud, either way it would need to be confusing

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