Tuesday, 15 February 2011

OutShell Pt. 3

This is a video I created based on the idea of rebirth and shedding old skin. To do this I covered my hands in PVA, when dried I peeled it off delicately filming the process. I edited the clips very sharply and accelerated it to accentuate the stretching/removal of the "skin" and take away the PVA effect and details. This is a successfull piece of work I think, but was quite spontaneous so the background isn't quite as good as it should be. I think if I was to re-create this piece of work better. I would record more footage and peel and stretch the PVA slower. I was initially inspired by a clip in the film Black Swan where Natalie Portman's character is shown pulling at the skin around her nails and she pulls her skin all the way up her finger, until she notices it was an illusion and she never did it at all. I liked the idea of pulling old skin away and revealing a new self. Although in Black Swan it was a lot more graphic and disgusting than I intend my work to be. Watching my video again, I feel it would work well as part of a performance. I was thinking of maybe projecting it on a screen in one of the photograhy studios and having someone re-enact some acts of the similar theme. I thought someone could either be shedding old skin byundressing
  1. removing make-up
  2. applying make-up
  3. being trapped in a tube of fabric and breaking free

I like the fourth idea the best as I think it would work the best visually with the projection of the film.

This is photo illustrates my idea quite well. For this project I don't think the body should be clothed, but naked.

I'm unsure as to wether to use my own body for this or ask someone who is more confident in their body.

I would enjoy doing it myself, but would have to get help
from someone I trust.

I am unsure about which fabric would be best to use, so I might have to take this photo to a fabric shop and find out which would be best suited for the task.

Alternatively, this also works quite well. A minimal amount of clothing would look good, but only on a slender body.

I have also thought that maybe if the fabric was completely opaque the body shape would me just a form, which might take away from the point of someone being trapped....

I will contact Media Services and see what they ca
n do with the photography studio :)

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