Wednesday, 19 May 2010

New Look Profile.

Our Customers
Many people love New Look and with over 1000 stores providing fashion for women, men, teens and children, it is difficult to describe one single New Look customer. That said, this is one of our groups.
Bags of fashion - our female customer
Most of our women customers are keen shoppers. They love to bag a bargain and get a real thrill from finding that killer fashion item. They want clothes that are bang-on trend but that also fit their style and life.

Our Company
New Look has come a long way since our first store in Taunton in 1969. We now have over 1000 stores worldwide, in the UK and Republic of Ireland, Europe, the Middle East, Singapore, Russia and Poland. Last year alone 355 million customers visited New Look either online or in one of our stores.
Our brand is about delivering fashion excitement, newness and value. So we translate the latest trends from the catwalk, celebrities and the streets as fast as we can, providing our customers with fashion that is bang on trend - and great value to boot. We regularly win awards for our clothing and footwear and remain the number 1 retailer by volume for denim and dresses. New Look isn't just for the girls either - we are gaining market share in menswear. Our online business also continues to grow, with customers visiting New Look whenever and wherever it suits them - making us one of the most visited fashion websites in the UK.
We care about how we operate and are committed to ethical trading and animal welfare. We limit our impact on the planet by reducing the waste we send to landfill and using less energy.
Our Brand
We're all looking for something new and exciting to wear but it can be hard to find what's just right for you - and at the right price.
This is where New Look comes in. Our brand pillars of fashion excitement, value and newness are at the heart of everything we do. We deliver irresistible fashion at brilliant prices which means more fashion excitement for our customers - more of those 'Wow! Look what I've just found' moments.
This means we can take on the competitors - with genuinely surprising prices and with fashion credentials that stand us apart from other value retailers.

Our Values
From talking to our customers we have found there are three things that make New Look different.
  • We are impatient. We love the fashion business so we always keep things new and fresh, giving customers plenty of reasons to keep coming back.

  • We are confident. We try new things, we take big risks otherwise our business wouldn't have grown so fast with so many best sellers. We're also confident in our customers, we listen to them all the time and trust what they tell us.

  • New Look is fun. Customers love the excitement and possibility of fashion which is why we are lively, friendly, optimistic with an unfailingly positive attitude to life.
Ethical Trading
Our commitment to ethical trading is central to how we operate. We value the people who make our products and continue to work with our suppliers to improve their working conditions.

What is ethical trading?
Ethical sourcing is about acting responsibly towards the people who make our products by supporting our suppliers in providing good quality jobs.
Our objectives
The New Look Group shares the same ethical objectives to:
  • Be fair: to our customers, suppliers, employees and the people who make our products.

  • Be a good neighbour to the world.

  • Deliver value and ethical values to our customers.

  • Continuously improve: our intention is to improve everything we can at every opportunity, however we recognise that we cannot solve all of the problems in our supply chain overnight. Where big changes are practical we want to make those changes and make them stick. Where that isn’t practical we always work to make little changes that will make a difference.

  • Ensure that ethical trading is central to how we operate.

Why we do it
We believe in giving everyone involved in our supply chain an opportunity to live a decent life. We want our customers and our staff to feel good about New Look’s products and how they are sourced. We believe in raising the profile of what fashion retailers are doing in ethical trade.

How we work
We work with 100% of New Look’s supply chain to improve working conditions for the people who make our products. We ask all our suppliers to:

  • Take ownership of any problems

  • Work with us to tackle problems.

  • Be open and honest with us.

  • Sign up to New Look's Ethical Code of Conduct. We pilot projects in different countries to listen to the people in our supply chain and work to improve their jobs. This helps us understand what is good about the way we work with our people and what can be improved. We are a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative and collaborate with non governmental organisations (NGOs), trade unions and experts to make a bigger difference. Link to working together. We ensure all our internal teams are thinking ethically.

Our commitment to ethical trading is central to how we operate. We value the people who make our products and continue to work with our suppliers to improve their working conditions.
“New Look is at the forefront of developing innovative approaches to tackling some of the most urgent issues for workers, including raising wages and enabling workers to organise themselves. We support its efforts to start to tell the story of how it is putting its ethical trade principles into practice.” Dan Rees, ETI Director

Thanks to the New Look Group website.

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