Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Rose Tint my world

I created this video using two still images from a photoshoot I did two weeks ago. I was interested in looking at the way surreal make-up could shape/change/distort someone's identity. For this photoshoot I used christmas lights to add to the surreal effect of the photoshoot. The make-up was appied spontaneously, without previous planning. Looking back I wish I had put a bit of thought into it. But I also thought I wanted it to be free and not too predictable. The idea was really to explore how the medium would work and how the subject would react, explore the boundaries. The outcome was very positive, and fun. I had the idea to create this short video when going through my images with my boyfriend. I unintentionally flicked back and forth between the two images to find that it created some sort of surreal animation. The video is in no way a finished product, more of sketch for something else.

  1. One way of doing it would be to recreate a similar situation but with an ordinary, plan subject. Injecting a heavy dose of surrealism into daily life could be very effective to recreate a dream-like reality. To do this I would prefer to not use a friend, but a stranger. Someone from the "real world" off the street maybe. A co-operative stranger. If this blinking sequence was played over two minutes, repeatively, at uneven sequences it could be very effective.
  2. Another idea I have had is to re-create a similar effect but with two dramatically different photos, creating a third dimension between the two images. This is something I could first try with the photoshoot photos. I have tried this and it creates a third image, very surreal, with the shapes of both images, creating a kind of monster.

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