Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Material Means

Brief: Work with a material to produce a work with stong secondary or associative qualities. This can be using a single, several or multiple elements (eg. a single chair, 500 safety pins, or 5kg of sugar). It can combine two or more types of materials . The key is the transformation, and the new reading of an otherwise familiar material.

For this project I wasnt sure of what medium to use, for inspiration I decided to go to Salvation Army. My trip was successfull as I left with two kilos of soap! My first idea was to melt the soap to create a sculpture.

To do this I put about 7 bars of soap into a bucket of hot water, added ripped tea bags and blue nail varnish. I then removed these from the bucket and put them together to create a sculpture.

They were all very gooey, and very disgusting. the photo on the left is a collage of a few different angles of the final sculpture.

The result is very organic, phallic and disgusting. I really like it!

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